Tasty Tuesday: Ham and Cheese #breakfast #casserole #recipe from #romance #author Kathryn Jane

This recipe sounds delish for a cold day at any meal! I would probably add extra spices like garlic and cumin… and the jalapenos sound good in it! Now I’m hungry!

Betty Bolte's Musings

I so enjoy a hot casserole for breakfast, one chock full of ham, eggs, and cheese! Kathryn Jane shares her recipe and her stories today. Welcome, Kat!

The Meyers Security family is huge, and because their headquarters is the main house on the family ranch, there will often be upwards of ten people for a meal, and everyone pitches in.

One such morning Angie—a helicopter pilot and not exactly the domestic type—shows up early in the kitchen to give Consuelo a hand.

“How can I help?”

“Fill that big blue dish with ham and bread cubes, pour in a dozen eggs whipped with three-quarters of a cup of whole milk, then cover the top with grated cheese and—” Consuelo hesitated. “Better leave off the jalapeno bread crumbs, just in case the little ones want some.”

Angie laughed. “No self-respecting kid will touch a casserole when they know there’s sugar-coated cereal…

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7 Reasons Why We Love Listicles

List posts are great ways to make your info easier to read, especially for those in a hurry! I love list post– both for reading and writing! I need to start using that popular website for making lists so I can just embed the list for a quick post on the run!

Read Write Live

Why is it that making lists is simply irresistible to us? From having post-its stuck to all sorts of surfaces to having scraps of paper scattered around with little reminders to having lengthy do-its that are made first thing in the morning, we have come a long way. It used to be personal; rummaging around for the lists in the recesses of our handbags or neatly folded away in our wallets. The obsession is now public; from the insufferably loud support for the BuJos… the Bullet Journals that are the superpowers when it comes to organising our thoughts, activities and destinies to the way journalism and content on the web is now arranged for consumption.

The Internet is awash with all sorts of lists, a veritable cornucopia of the ways we love this or dislike that and the ultimate listings of the books we cannot miss and the sound tracks…

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Indie Authors – Your Fellow Authors are Not Your Enemies

As Indy Authors, We Must support one another. Sharing tips and tricks will help us all succeed and then we can keep pulling each other up the ladder to more and more success!!

Author Don Massenzio

This is a reboot of one of my most popular posts from 2016 in my blogging incarnation. The words in this post are just as true today as they were when it was posted. I’ve made some updates based on what I’ve learned along the way.

indie If you are like me, you are aware of the thousands of other authors that are in the indie-author universe on social media platforms. We all belong to groups on Facebook and we promote our books, blogs, giveaways, and events. We start to see the same names over and over relentlessly touting their work.

As I first entered the indie author world, I viewed all of these authors as people that were competing for my readers. I wanted to out-promote and out-sell all of them. Over the past two years, however, my view has changed. Instead of viewing my fellow authors as competitors, I have come to…

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Why I’m Struggling to Write Fiction (and my current plan to fix it.

Jennifer and MJ Weiner let down their hair while speaking about why it is so hard for her to write fiction.

img_20151031_110740222So I’m Jennifer Weiner. I’m an Author. I have two nonfiction books published. Self published. But still…it’s something. I have the desire to write fiction. My alter ego is in charge of that. Her name is MJ. Same last name. Less confusing like that.

I should have had some fiction out a long time ago. I can tell a story fairly well. I used to have lots of time to practice. I was unemployed. But I procrastinated. I always thought I’d do it later. Or tomorrow. Well the old saw about tomorrow never getting here is true. It almost hasn’t.

I did join a contest a long while back. I put money it. I got published on a website. Then I got my feedback from the judges. It wasn’t all roses and rainbows. It really hurt. I quit writing for awhile. I still pay for the site that hosted the contest, but the feedback kind of reinforced my biggest issue. It wasn’t meant to. They weren’t really being those bullies from my school years. They just wanted to be helpful.

The truth is… I’ve never felt like I am good enough. At anything. I’m smarter than many, yet I didn’t go to college until my 20’s. I have 4 associate’s of science degrees, yet I work in a call center as an agent on the phone.

I’ve been pretty much anyone and everyone’s punching bag in life. But that stops now. I will write fiction. I will write more nonfiction. But most of all I will learn that I am good enough and, in many things, I will only get better!

I’m part of two challenges this month. One is a write 500 words every day challenge hosted by author Jeff Goins. It’s just what it sounds like. I didn’t think I was going to do this today. But I decided a third blog was in order. Here I will write whatever the fuck I want. This is my very personal blog. The other two are “business”. Feel free to follow them. I’m sure I’ll eventually work more on the look and feel of this and share it with more people.

The second is to make one BIG change this year. Well that big change is to learn just this… that I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I am perfect in my imperfections. My lack of knowledge or ability is just room to grow. I don’t have to be perfect, just perfectly me. My adorably, wonderfully, imperfectly perfect for me husband loves me just as I am! It’s time for me to do the same!

And that’s what this blog will be about. Me just being me. Random crap, every day.Or mostly every day. Some days I might use my words for fiction or even nonfiction for more commercial consumption. Maybe even for newsletters for my “business” Lists. Follow me if ya want. Let me know what you think in the comments. Join me in my quest to not only love my self as I am (I actually succeed in this most days) but to realize that me is just fine and absolutely no one else’s opinion matters! Thx for reading!

❤ Jenn and MJ