How To Write Characters from the Opposite Gender

I’ve only tried to write from a male perspective once. Not too sure how I did. I’ll share the story from WattPad later today. It is hard to say the least. Have any of you had any success with writing from the perspective of the opposite gender?

Rachel Poli

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that boys and girls are different. We’re different physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I’m a girl and have no idea what goes through the mind of a boy. Boys have no idea what girls go through. We pretend we understand the opposite gender, but we really have no clue.

With that being said, it’s much easier to write in the female point of view if you’re a female yourself.


When I first started writing my mystery series,George Florence, the main protagonist was George himself. It was all in first-person, but some things just weren’t clicking with the rest of the story.

I eventually changed the point of view to third-person with George still in charge, but even that didn’t work out. With the help of my writer’s group, I came to the conclusion that even though George calls the shots for…

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On being an #eavesdropper and a #voyeur…

Yup. sometimes real life IS stranger than fiction

Peggy Jaeger

As a writer, I have a basic need to know about humans so I can describe them truthfully in my stories. Their quirks, foibles, mannerisms. Their cadences in speech, their body movements, the physical way they handle stress. I also need to know what they think and how they speak.

Hence, today’s topic. I am a natural eavesdropper and voyeur. When I was a teenager I had to wear rose-colored glasses ( no pun intended) because of an issue with light hitting my eyes. My grandmother ( the witch I’ve mentioned many times in previous blogs) nastily called me SPY-GIRL, because  I could look at people without them knowing it behind those lenses.  This is where my life long obsession with being, well, nosey, came from. ( And if you don’t know the significance of this picture – you are not over 40!)


These are just some…

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How To Write Diverse Characters and Why You Should Include Them

Diversity is so important in all things. Just be very careful to avoid stereotypes. Diversity can be hard to write when it’s a difference you’ve never experienced, but can truly lead to a more beautiful and relatable story.

Rachel Poli

We’re all human, big or small, white or black. We all occupy this earth, we’re all in this together.

So, what would make your novel any different?

A diverse character is a character just like any other. Don’t write them differently because it’s something new. Don’t view them as special because you’ve added them into the story.

Just include them.

how-to-diverse-charactersWhy should you include diverse characters?

  • We all want to see ourselves in stories. We want to be one with the protagonist, go on an adventure, save the world, and just escape reality for a little while.
  • It’s important for everyone to feel included. Everyone should be represented, everyone’s voices should be heard.
  • It also gives people an open mind. They recognize there are others out there who are like them and who are not like them. They feel as though they are not alone.
  • Don’t be afraid to write…

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Worth Fighting For…

A beautiful piece to make you think. Take nothing for granted my dears. We can loose it all in less than the blink of an eye.

The Renegade Press

“It doesn’t matter if you fall down; get the fuck back up.”

  • James ‘Buddy’ Nielsen

I have always viewed each post on this site as a chapter in my life. Once a piece is written and published, I move on to the next, making a conscious effort not to look back at the works that I have already completed. But over the past five months I have been moving through a period of introspection, confronting myself with the darker aspects of my personality, and forcing myself to read through the chapters of my life that I have transcribed and shared with the world.

During my readings, I stumbled across a post called Bellicose; a piece in which I likened my own life and creative evolution to boxing. At the time, I thought that I had been through some shit; I believed that life had knocked me down and that I had learned…

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Connecting is So Lonely [Poll]

As an author and generally social person, I luuuuuv social media. The only problem is that there are only so many hours to each day…and I have a “real” job to take up quite a few of those!

Would you help me by answering the poll below? Just pick your top of the top favorite. This will help me decide where to focus my time as an author when I’m being social. 🙂

Thanks! Ya’ll Rock!

My Highest Recommended Books For Writers

A curated list of recommended books for writers.

Here are my favorite writing books. Each has it’s own great advice. Take what works for you and run with it!!

The Most Popular Books Of All Time [Infographic]

Infographic showing the most popular books in history….including very recent history.

I find it interesting that, based on the infographic below, Harry Potter is nearly the most sold book of all time! LOL Then there are some ancient books that are very well sold..and also required reading in some high school and/or college courses!

Which of these books are still on your “I ought to read this some day” list? I’m almost embarrassed to admit most of the classics listed are still on my own list to be read, eventually. Enjoy the random factoids below! I sure did. 😀

The Most Popular Books of All Time

From Visually.